Unique Facts in Netherlands

Netherlands is often a called Holland or Amsterdam. This is incorrect. Holland and Amsterdam are just cities of  the Netherlands. Netherlands is Netherlands. Let’s take a look at the facts about this country.

This country is where the biggest production of bear in the world comes out. Dutch like bear of course but they also export this product to other nations.

The population of bicycles is more than the population of people. It is because an individual owns more than three bicycles.

This is why there are bicycle lanes aside from vehicle lanes. People walking through the bicycle lanes can be hit because no one should be passing through it.

Amsterdam has the most number of bridges in the world, having more than 1000 bridges. This is really fun.

Coffee production is largest in the world. They do exporting coffee to most of the nations around the world.

This is first country that approved homosexual relationship, approved in 2001. Until now, people follow these country so many countries also approved it.

Use of wooden shoes for factories, agriculture and others. Wooden shoes have been used for hundreds of years to this very day.

Dutch are the tallest people in the world having an average height of more than six feet. They defeated Americans who had been the tallest people in the world.

The Netherlands Museum keeps more than 2, 000 paintings of Vincent Van Gogh that he worked  on for more than 10 years.

Windmill is the symbol of Netherlands. The country is populated with windmills due to lack of water.