The King of Netherlands Kingdom

Willem-Alexander started reigning from 2013 to this very day. He is actually one of the youngest King in European monarchy. The King of Netherlands is Willem-Alexander have many residences including the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. He was born in 1967 and received a title Prince of Netherlands. There are lots of titles given to him as a Prince of the country. What is so amazing is that he was the first male inheritor who was given birth after Prince Alexander died in 1884. As he is the only male in line, the Netherlands anticipated that he would be the next Successor to the throne.

He served in the military service of Netherlands Navy even when he was in college.  The king is not only a Prince but holds a profession of a pilot. It is only that he has to rule the kingdom so he did not continue his dream of soaring towards the sky. Before he sat on the throne, he became a member of politics in their state so he learned how to manage the government.

She also had a relationship with an Argentinian woman named Maxima Cerruti and his dream of making her the woman of his life was fulfilled in 2002, the year of their marriage. They bore three Princesses and the youngest Catharina-Amalia is the heir apparent of the throne.

Apparently he is now admired as the Present King of the Dutch’s kingdom. He is one of the noblest king who has succeeded the throne. Numerous people have already loved him that much although some really are not interested in him.