Government System in Netherlands

To this very day, the Netherlands maintain the monarchical system. Monarchical system is the ruling of Queen or King, the monarchs. The system is based on the United Kingdom’s Monarchy. since they were under the colony of Britain in their history. When they got their independence, they also established their own kingdom.

The Kingdom of Netherlands has a parliamentary government, this means that the king or the executive cabinets do not hold all authority under the kingdom but listen from the legislative branch. If there are concerns that they have to solve, cases must be analyzed through by the legislative branch.

The presence of a Prime Minister is sure in this type of government. He is like the right hand of the King in terms of approving the cases presented by the legislative branch.

Royal Palace in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Since it is monarchical, politics is very easy. There is no need to fight for the position of King or Queen because the ruler must be chosen from the royal family, the next generation of the monarch. So one among the children are bound to be the inheritor of the throne.

If there is no son, a daughter has to be the ruler or becomes the Queen, for sure there will be a king who happens to be the husband of the Queen but the Queen solely lead the ¬†empire. In terms of their people, the government takes care of the people with the constitution uphold by the monarch’s signature. This is how they have to make sure the law comes from the highest throne. Penalty of violation depends on the written constitution.